Dual Natural Nitrous

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Overview

Kit Includes :

  • 2 Natural Nitrous Coil's.
  • 12V DC 12,000 BTU Compressor. 
    • Electric Compressor Data:
    • Voltage: DC 12V.
    • Current: 50A + -2.
    • Rated speed: 2000 rpm.
    • Speed range: 1800rpm-3000rpm.
    • Rated power: 600W.
  • 12V DC Condenser Fan.
  • Condenser.
  • Liquid Line Filter Drier.
  • High Pressure Refrigerant Hoses.
  • All Electrical Wiring.
  • Power supply.
  • Refrigerant Hose Fittings.
  • Electrical Relays.
  • Metering Device (TXV).



  • Helical dual coil 8”-12”.
  • Coil reaches temp as low as -30°F.
  • Stand alone system electrically driven.
  • Easy high pressure refrigerant hose connections.
  • 10,500 BTUs of cooling capacity.
  • Remove 120° of Inlet air temp in 18 inches on supercharged or boosted applications.
  • Single switch to turn system on and off whenever desired.
  • Natural Nitrous slips into air induction at any location.
  • Compressor dimensions 6”H 9”W 6”D.
  • TXV maintains -30°F in the coil and will throttle more or less refrigerant as needed.
  • Pressure drop across coil is .25”wc at wide open throttle .


(No reviews yet) Write a Review