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Natural Nitrous

Order The Worlds First Ever Mechanical Cold Air Induction!

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The world’s first Natural Nitrous intake system is now available as a do-it-yourself installation package.


Dustin’s expansive HVAC industry experience and knowledge paved the way for combining two of his passions: Racing and optimized racing.


Faced with the reality that hot air significantly limits the performance of the engine, Woolf Pack Racing put their expertise to the test by creating a helical coil design that reaches temperatures as low as minus 40 and can significantly reduce inlet air temperature dramatically in a distance of 8 to 14 inches and can achieve up to a 120° differential in temperature resulting in cooler and dense combustible air.


At Woolf Pack Racing, we truly understand that your high-performance vehicle is especially important to you — and is an extension of who you are — which means you may only want to refine its core yourself.


Our patent-pending standalone mechanical intake cooling system for all internal combustion engines provides a cooler, optimized engine that runs cleanly and efficiently — naturally — that can be installed by you, on your time, wherever you prefer to work on your vehicle, in as little as a weekend.


Order your preferred Natural Nitrous package today, and have it shipped directly to you or waiting at Woolf Pack Racing for pick up or installation.